Enjoy the Bell'amoré experience

Meet the Team at Bell'amoré

Clare, Director

I've worked for the family business since the day we opened our doors back in 1992.

Initially as a Saturday girl as at that time I was still studying Fashion design and business and my Father had instilled a work ethos in me from an early age.

After my studies I worked in fashion buying and within marketing in the world of publishing but I was always connected and worked for the family business after work and at weekends.

I guess you could say I was a workaholic as I couldn't keep away, plus working with my Mum, Dad and my Sister was hardly a chore it hardly felt like work it was a team effort as we were building the family business together.

When my Dad became sick, I left the fashion world of London to support my family and joined the Business full time and became a Company Director.

Over the 25 years I've seen the industry change so much and made so many special relationships with suppliers, staff and of course our Customers.

Being very much hands-on on the shop floor I've had the pleasure and sometimes challenge of serving countless brides and only wish I'd I've written a book. The stories I could tell !

I have a real passion for the industry and our business and although the company has evolved I live by our ethos that was set from day one, which was to provide a bridal store that would offer luxury, in a comfortable space and environment, providing an unrivaled collection of cutting edge designers but the heart of Bell'amoré was for providing that unique customer service to make our Brides feel sensational, making their bridal journey a truly special one by not only providing personal customer service but doing it with a wealth of knowledge.

We as a family couldn't do that on our own,  it was our fantastic team of staff that we've been so lucky to have had over the 25 years that have had the personalities and same heart for the business to carry this ethos and make so many brides over this time look amazing and have that "Bell'amoré" experience.

After a break from working in the business I wanted to fulfill other aspirations and I qualified as a Personal Trainer which has been amazing.

With a little coercing my Mum had asked me to come back to my roots and carry on our name and swap my trainers back for heels.

I'm Back Home with the fantastic team and I'm very excited to build the business further, the business that's become a legacy in our family.

I'm back with the same love and passion and will endeavor that we carry on providing our "Bell'amoré" service to as many brides we have the pleasure of serving and together with the amazing team make our brides dream of their dress and their bridal experience a reality.

Beautiful LOVE (Bell'amoré)

Brenda, Director

All those years ago, November 1992,

My Husband and I and our two daughters were filled with great excitement and anticipation when we opened our doors for the first time.


Would I believe that we would still have our wonderful family business that is Bell'amoré now and the journey it has taken us on.... !

It's been a real journey and hard work to achieve our success but with the concreted ethos my Husband Tom and I opened with all those years ago which was striving to always provide a wonderful experience for our customers combined with with the dedication of our staff we still have our prominent name within the industry and with our Brides that fills me with great pride.

Home for me is the shop - "Our Family".

I welcome all our Brides through the doors and hope that the Bell'amoré experience they receive is as bright as the years of marriage ahead of them.

With Love

Carole, Bridesmaid / Bridal Consultant

Carole has been with Bell'amoré over 19 years, our longest serving consultant.

Formerly she managed our Men's formal department. With her years of experience she now works within every department of the store and you'll usually find her on the reception answering lots of queries and enquiries that our Brides may have.

She also takes great pride in styling our  bridal parties further in completing the look by taking care that the bridesmaids look picture perfect.

With her bubbly nature and expertise she will help ease your decision and make selecting your bridesmaids dresses enjoyable.

Filiz, Senior Fitter and Bridal Consultant

Filiz has been working within the Bridal industry for 14 years and worked for the family business for 11 of those.

She brings a sparkle of love and life to the shop and an abundance of energy.

With her passion for her job she naturally transcends this into each individual fitting giving Bell'amoré bride a personal experience.

Her personality and wealth of knowledge along with her patience, make brides feel confident that they are in the best hands and makes their time with Filiz relaxed and enjoyable.

It's no wonder the customers come from their fittings smiling about their forthcoming wedding as any nerves they had building up before, Filiz does her best to eradicate them  and turns them into excitement and a happy memorable Bell amore experience.

Jo, Store Manageress

She has been working at Bell'amoré for over 17 years.

She is meticulously organised which is imperative in this role and with her passion for her job and our customers she ensures that our Brides get the best service and experience possible.

Jo's wealth of experience and enthusiasm is given to everyone of her Brides and they always have a wonderful journey from selecting their gown to taking it.

Her confident knowledgable approach puts all Brides at ease and they can rest assured that they will get the best service and expertise from start to finish, so that their wedding experience with us is one that any Bride would recommend over and over again and be a fantastic memory to cherish.

Karina, Senior Bridal Consultant

Has worked within Bridal for over 10 years and Bell'amoré and our Brides have been incredibly lucky to have her for over seven.

Karina takes great pride in her work and loves assisting brides in finding their dream dress. She makes sure her ladies are completely looked after and gets great job satisfaction from seeing the complete styled picture and her Brides gleaming.

All brides quickly feel relaxed in her company as she quickly breaks the ice and makes them feel comfortable.

Using her knowledge and experience any Bride can trust her expertise in finding their dream dress whilst having a pleasurable and memorable experience.

Lyn, Senior Bridal Consultant

Lyn's passion for her Brides never falls short. She loves her job and her customers love her.

She's been at Bell'amoré for over 11 years and made countless brides fulfilled in finding their dream dress.

With her warm approach Brides quickly feel incredibly comfortable and relaxed and leave feeling elated with the Service they've received and their dream gown ordered.

With her sharp eye, creative flair and attention to detail Lyn will style her Brides complete look so they look picture perfect for their day.

Being a Bell'amoré Bride in Lyn's loving care will be a memorable and happy experience.